Access Statement


Here at Arden House we endeavour to look after the needs of all our visitors within the limitations of our family home.


• We are located close to the railway station which is a level five minute walk away. There are taxis at the station but we are happy to pick up guests who arrive at times when there are no taxis available. Similarly the town itself is within walking distance and on the level. Owing to the layout of the house with all our bedrooms on the first floor, we would suggest that we are only suitable for guests with moderate mobility or visual problems.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

• There is ample parking on the road and also limited parking within the front of the house on the gravel drive. We always offer assistance with luggage. The house is approached on a surface of gravel and stepping stones and there is a step and a threshold to enter the outer lobby. There is another threshold on entering the house itself. The whole entrance is well lit at night.

Main Entrance, Reception & Ticketing Area

• On arrival, guests are shown the layout of the house and where their rooms are. Keys are demonstrated and duplicate sets issued if necessary. The hallway is wide and well-lit with chairs for those who wish to sit. The floor is laminated with securely fixed rugs.

Public Areas - Hall, Stairs, Landing, Corridors etc

• The carpeted staircase to the first floor is of a dog-leg design offering three landings on the way up for those who need to take it in easy stages. The decor is such that there is high contrast between the walls and door-frames etc. The landing on the first floor is large and the doors have large numbers on them to identify the rooms. All of the first floor is carpeted with extra rugs in the bedrooms.

Public Areas - Sitting room, lounges, lobbies etc

• The sitting-room is on a level with the hallway but there is a threshold and step down from the living room to the conservatory where breakfast is served. All the furniture in the dining area is light and movable to provide access as needed. There is a flight of steps down into the garden for those who wish to use it.

Bedrooms & Sleeping Areas

• The bedrooms have good amounts of room around the beds but are not suitable for wheel-chairs. There is a dimmable central light in each room and three bedside and table lamps are also provided. There are TVs with remote controls and cordless kettles. Non-allergenic pillows and duvets are available on request.

Bathroom, Shower-room & WC [Ensuite or Shared]

• One bedroom is en-suite and one with private bathroom. The private bathroom is across the landing from the bedroom, a short distance of six feet. They are both carpeted and are well lit with ceiling down-lighters and mirror lights. The shower has a step of approx. 15 cms and the bath side is approx. 48cms. Doors are approx. 72 cms. wide.

Additional Information

• As Arden House is occupied by its owner, there is almost always someone on hand to offer assistance as needed. In the event of the proprietor being out, telephone calls are diverted from the house number to a mobile number ensuring that there is always someone to help if necessary. Guests who require a fridge for medications or special foods are welcome to use the house fridge in the kitchen. In the event of a fire or other emergency, the owner would expect to be present to aid guests in leaving the building. There are fire alarms in all the rooms and public areas and also a back-up lighting system in the event of a power failure.